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Small businesses: Reduce Your 2021 Tax Liability
Don’t let the holiday rush keep you from considering some important steps to reduce your 2021 tax liability. You still[...]
Infrastructure law sunsets Employee Retention Credit early
The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was a valuable tax credit that helped employers survive the COVID-19 pandemic. A new law[...]
Your Business can gain Tax Breaks with Holiday Celebrations
The holiday season is upon us! At this time of year, your business may want to show its gratitude to[...]
Remember to use up your flexible spending account money
Do you have a tax-saving flexible spending account (FSA) with your employer to help pay for health or dependent care[...]
Would you like to establish a Health Savings Account for your small business?
With the increasing cost of employee health care benefits, your business may be interested in providing some of these benefits[...]
2021 Q4 tax calendar: Key deadlines for businesses
Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during 2021 Q4. Keep in mind that[...]
Tax rules for business automobiles depreciation
If you use an passenger automobile for your business, you may wonder how depreciation tax deductions are determined. The rules[...]
Is a Health Savings Account (HSA) right for you?
Given the escalating cost of health care, there may be a more cost-effective way to pay for it. For eligible[...]
Selling a home: Will you owe tax on the profit?
Many homeowners across the country who are selling a home have seen their home values increase recently. According to the[...]
Planning for year-end gifts with the gift tax annual exclusion
As we approach the holidays and the end of the year, many people may want to make gifts of cash[...]
Tax breaks to consider during National Small Business Week
The week of September 13-17 has been declared National Small Business Week by the Small Business Administration. To commemorate the[...]
IRS audits may be increasing, so be prepared
The IRS just released its audit statistics for the 2020 fiscal year and fewer taxpayers had their returns examined as[...]
IRA contributions may be allowed for nonworking spouse
Married couples may not be able to save as much as they need for retirement when one spouse doesn’t work[...]
Ready for business travel again? What can you deduct?
As we continue to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be traveling again for business. Under tax law,[...]
Important Q3 Business Tax Deadlines
Here are some of the key tax deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the third quarter of 2021. Keep[...]
Many parents to receive advance child tax credit payments
Eligible parents will soon begin receiving payments from the federal government. The IRS announced that the 2021 advance child tax[...]
Still have questions after you file your tax return?
Even though you successfully hit "send" to the IRS, you may have some questions after you file your tax return.[...]
Help ensure the IRS doesn’t reclassify independent contractors as employees
Many businesses use independent contractors to help keep their costs down. If you’re among them, make sure that these workers[...]
Providing education assistance to employees? Follow these rules
Many businesses provide education fringe benefits so their employees can improve their skills and gain additional knowledge. An employee can[...]
Know the ins and outs of “reasonable compensation” for a corporate business owner
Owners of incorporated businesses know that there’s a tax advantage to taking money out of a C corporation as compensation[...]
Home sales: How to determine your “basis”
The housing market in many parts of the country is strong this spring. If you’re buying or selling a home,[...]
Simple retirement savings options for your small business
Are you thinking about setting up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees, but you’re worried about the financial[...]
Who can qualify for “head of household” tax filing status?
When you file your tax return, you must check one of the following filing statuses: Single, married filing jointly, married[...]
New law tax credit may make child care less expensive
The new American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides eligible families with an enhanced child and dependent care credit for 2021.[...]
Is an S corporation the best choice of entity for your business?
Are you thinking about launching a business with some partners and wondering what type of entity to form? An S[...]
Business highlights in the new American Rescue Plan Act
President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) on March 11. While the new law is best[...]
The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has passed: What’s in it for you?
Congress has passed the latest legislation aimed at providing economic and other relief from the COVID-19 pandemic that has haunted[...]
Estimated Tax Payments: The First 2021 Deadline is Coming Up
April 15 is not only the deadline for filing your 2020 tax return, it’s also the deadline for the first[...]
Launching a small business? Here are some tax considerations
While many businesses have been forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some entrepreneurs have started a new small[...]
Retiring soon? Recent law changes may have an impact on your retirement savings
If you’re approaching retirement, you probably want to ensure your retirement savings last as long as possible. If so, be[...]
Didn’t contribute to an IRA in 2020? There may still be time
If you’re getting ready to file your 2020 tax return, and your tax bill is higher than you’d like, there[...]
Do you qualify for home office deductions?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home. If you’re self-employed and run your business from your home[...]
What are the tax implications of buying or selling a business?
Merger and acquisition activity in many industries slowed during 2020 due to COVID-19. But analysts expect it to improve in[...]
There’s still time to get substantiation for 2020 donations
If you’re like many Americans, letters from your favorite charities may be appearing in your mailbox acknowledging your 2020 donations.[...]
2021 Individual Tax Limits: Answers to your Questions
Many people are more concerned about their 2020 tax bills right now than they are about their 2021 tax situations.[...]
How to Use the Tax Credit for Electric Vehicles
Although electric vehicles (or EVs) are a small percentage of the cars on the road today, they’re increasing in popularity[...]
Remember to Take Required Minimum Distributions This Year
If you have a traditional IRA or tax-deferred retirement plan account, you probably know that you must take required minimum[...]
One reason to file your 2020 tax return early
The IRS announced it is opening the 2020 individual income tax return filing season on February 12. (This is later[...]
Educate yourself about the revised tax benefits for higher education
Attending college is one of the biggest investments that parents and students ever make. If you or your child (or[...]
The COVID-19 relief law: What’s in it for you?
The new COVID-19 relief law that was signed on December 27, 2020, contains a multitude of provisions that may affect[...]
Your taxpayer filing status: You may be eligible to use more than one
When it comes to taxes, December 31 is more than just New Year’s Eve. That date will affect the filing[...]
Prevent and detect insider cyberattacks
In one recent cybercrime scheme, a mortgage company employee accessed his employer’s records without authorization, then used stolen customer lists[...]
Next estimated tax deadline is January 15
If you’re self-employed and don’t have withholding from paychecks, you probably have to make estimated tax payments. These payments must[...]
Can you qualify for a medical expense tax deduction?
You may be able to deduct some of your medical expenses, including prescription drugs, on your federal tax return. However,[...]
Maximize your 401(k) plan to save for retirement
Contributing to a tax-advantaged retirement plan can help you reduce taxes and save for retirement. If your employer offers a[...]
Steer Clear of the Wash Sale Rule When Selling Stock
Are you thinking about selling stock shares at a loss to offset gains that you’ve realized during 2020? If so,[...]
Employees: Don’t Forget about your FSA Funds
Many employees take advantage of the opportunity to save taxes by placing funds in their employer’s health or dependent care[...]
Disability Income: How is it Taxed?
Many Americans receive disability income. You may wonder if — and how — it’s taxed. As is often the case[...]
Couples Who Divorce Should Understand These 4 Tax Issues
When a couple is going through a divorce, taxes are probably not foremost in their minds. But without proper planning[...]
Buying & Selling Mutual Fund Shares: Avoid These Tax Pitfalls
If you invest in mutual funds, be aware of some potential pitfalls involved in buying and selling shares. Surprise sales [...]
What Tax Records Can You Throw Away?
October 15 is the deadline for individual taxpayers who extended their 2019 tax returns. (The original April 15 filing deadline[...]
There May be Relief From Tax Liability for “Innocent Spouses”
If you file a joint tax return with your spouse, you should be aware of your individual liability. And if[...]
It’s Important to Plan for Income Taxes as Part of Estate Plans
As a result of the current estate tax exemption amount ($11.58 million in 2020), many estates no longer need to[...]
Can Self-Managing Investors Deduct Related Expenses?
In some cases, investors have significant related expenses, such as the cost of subscriptions to financial periodicals and clerical expenses.[...]
Tax Implications of Working From Home and Unemployment
COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways, and some of the changes have tax implications. Here is basic information[...]
Homebuyers: Can You Deduct Seller-Paid Points?
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that existing home sales and prices are up nationwide,[...]
Back-to-school Tax Breaks on the Books
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, students are going back to school this fall, either remotely, in-person or under a hybrid schedule.[...]
Will You Have to Pay Tax on Your Social Security Benefits?
If you’re getting close to retirement, you may wonder: Are my Social Security benefits going to be taxed? And if[...]
What Happens if an Individual Can’t Pay Taxes
While you probably don’t have any problems paying your tax bills, you may wonder: What happens in the event you[...]
Due to COVID-19, More Parents May Owe “Nanny Tax”
In the COVID-19 era, many parents are hiring nannies and babysitters because their daycare centers and summer camps have closed.[...]
The Tax Implications of Employer-Provided Life Insurance
Does your employer provide you with group term life insurance? If so, and if the coverage is higher than $50,000,[...]
Are Scholarships Tax-Free or Taxable?
COVID-19 is changing the landscape for many schools this fall. But many children and young adults are going back, even[...]
Inherited Property? Take Advantage of a “Stepped-up Basis”
What is a stepped-up basis? If you’re planning your estate, or you’ve recently inherited assets, you may be unsure of[...]
Paycheck Checkup? Make Sure Your Withholding is Adequate
Did you recently file your federal tax return and were surprised to find you owed money? You might want to[...]
3 Issues to Consider After You File Your Tax Return
The tax filing deadline for 2019 tax returns has been extended until July 15 this year, due to the COVID-19[...]
Economic Impact Payments (EIP) Sent Erroneously
The IRS and the U.S. Treasury had disbursed 160.4 million Economic Impact Payments (EIPs) as of May 31, 2020, according[...]
What Qualifies as a “Coronavirus-Related Distribution”?
As you may have heard, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act allows “qualified” people to take certain[...]
If You’re Selling Your Home, Don’t Forget About Taxes
Traditionally, spring and summer are popular times for selling a home. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a slowdown[...]
Seniors: Can You Deduct Medicare Premiums?
If you’re age 65 and older, and you have basic Medicare insurance, you may need to pay additional premiums to[...]
A Nonworking Spouse Can Still Have an IRA
It’s often difficult for married couples to save as much as they need for retirement when one spouse doesn’t work[...]
Student Loan Interest: Can You Deduct It On Your Tax Return?
The economic impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is unprecedented and many taxpayers with student loans have been hard hit.[...]
Economic Impact Payment Less Than Expected?
Nearly everyone has heard about the Economic Impact Payments (EIPs) that the federal government is sending to help mitigate the[...]
There’s Still Time To Make A Deductible IRA Contribution For 2019
Do you want to save more for retirement on a tax-favored basis? If so, and if you qualify, you can[...]
Do you have tax questions related to COVID-19? Here are some answers
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected many Americans’ finances. Here are some answers to questions you may have right now.[...]
IRA Account Value Down? It Might Be A Good Time For A Roth Conversion
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused the value of some retirement accounts to decrease because of the stock market downturn.[...]
COVID-19: IRS Announces More Relief and Retails
In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Americans are focusing on their health and financial well-being. To help with[...]
CARES ACT Changes Retirement Plan Rules
As we all try to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you[...]
COVID-19 Stimulus Tax Relief
The Senate reached agreement on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act stimulus bill this week, with a vote[...]
Coronavirus Legislation For Employers
Dear Dhalla CPA Clients and Colleagues,  As I am sure you know, Congress recently passed legislation in response to COVID-19 that may[...]
Why You Should Keep Life Insurance Out of Your Estate
If you have a life insurance policy, you probably want to make sure that the life insurance benefits your family[...]
Home is Where the Tax Breaks Might Be
If you own a home, the interest you pay on your home mortgage may provide a tax break. Many people[...]
Tax Credits May Help With the High Cost of Raising Children
If you’re a parent, or if you’re planning on having children, you know that it’s expensive to pay for their[...]
Reasons Why Married Couples Might Want to File Separate Tax Returns
Married couples often wonder whether they should file joint or separate tax returns. There are a number of reasons why[...]
The Tax Aspects of Selling Mutual Fund Shares
Perhaps you’re an investor in mutual funds or you’re interested in putting some money into them. You’re not alone. The[...]
There still might be time to cut your tax bill with IRAs
If you’re getting ready to file your 2019 tax return, and your tax bill is higher than you’d like, there[...]
Can you deduct charitable gifts on your tax return?
Many taxpayers make charitable gifts — because they’re generous and they want to save money on their federal tax bills.[...]
Help Protect Your Personal Information By Filing Your 2019 Tax Return Early
The IRS announced it is opening the 2019 individual income tax return filing season on January 27. Even if you[...]
4 New Law Changes That May Affect Your Retirement Plan
If you save for retirement with an IRA or other plan, Congress recently passed a law that makes significant modifications[...]
A Better Way to Conduct Employee Performance Reviews
Inforgraphic: There May Be a Better Way to Conduct Employee Performance Reviews.
Side Gig? Make Sure You Understand Your Tax Obligations
The number of people engaged in the “gig” or sharing economy has grown in recent years, according to a 2019[...]
A Year End Gift from Congress – Favorable Tax Laws
As part of a year-end budget bill, Congress just passed a package of tax laws that will provide savings for[...]
Adopting a Child? You Could be Eligible for Tax Savings
If you’re adopting a child, or you adopted one this year, there may be significant tax benefits available to offset[...]
3 Last-Minute Tips That May Reduce Your Income Tax Bill
If you’re starting to fret about your 2019 income tax bill, there’s good news! You may still have time to[...]
Medical Expenses: Do You Qualify for a Tax Deduction?
As we all know, medical services and prescription drugs are expensive. You may be able to deduct some of your[...]
What Is Your Taxpayer Filing Status?
For tax purposes, December 31 means more than New Year’s Eve celebrations. It affects the filing status box that will[...]
Using Your 401(K) Plan to Save This Year and Next
You can reduce taxes and save for retirement by contributing to a tax-advantaged retirement plan. If your employer offers a[...]
5 Ways to Trim Your 2019 Taxes
Infographic: There may still be opportunities to reduce your company’s 2019 tax bill.
Saving For a Disabled Family Member
There’s a tax-advantaged way for people to save for the needs of disabled family members. This way is without having[...]
IRA Charitable Donations
Do you make charitable donations and have a significant amount of money in an IRA? If you’re age 70½ or[...]
Selling Securities by Year End? Avoid the Wash Sale Rule
If you’re planning to sell assets (stock or securities) at a loss to offset gains that have been realized during[...]
Use a Coverdell ESA to Help Pay School Fees
There are several ways to save for your child’s or grandchild’s education. One way is with a Coverdell Education Savings[...]
Tax-Related Scams and What To Do
“Thousands of people have lost millions of dollars and their personal information to a tax scam,” according to the IRS.[...]
Capital Gains Rates
Infographic: Capital gains tax can take a bite out of your investments.
Series EE Bonds – When is the Tax Due?
You may have Series EE savings bonds that were bought many years ago. Perhaps you store them in a file[...]
Credit for College Costs on Your Tax Return
We all know the cost of college is expensive. The latest figures from the College Board show that the average[...]
Getting a Divorce? Take a Look at the Tax Implications
In addition to the difficult personal issues that divorce entails, several tax concerns need to be addressed. This is to[...]
The Next Estimated Tax Deadline Is September 16th
If you’re self-employed and don’t have withholding from paychecks, you probably have to make estimated tax payments. These payments must[...]
Educator Tax Returns – What is Deductible or Not
As teachers head back for a new school year, they often pay for various expenses for which they don’t receive[...]
Taking Distributions from Your Traditional IRA
If you’re like many people, you’ve worked hard to accumulate a large nest egg in your traditional IRA (including a[...]
“Innocent Spouses” May Get Relief from Tax Liability
When a married couple files a joint tax return, each spouse is “jointly and severally” liable for the full amount[...]
The Tax Implications of Winning
If you’re lucky enough to be a winner at gambling or the lottery, congratulations! After you celebrate, be ready to[...]
The “Kiddie Tax” Hurts Families More Than Ever
Years ago, Congress enacted the “kiddie tax” rules. These rules prevented parents and grandparents in high tax brackets from shifting[...]
The “Nanny Tax” Must Be Paid for More Than Just Nannies
You may have heard of the “nanny tax.” But even if you don’t employ a nanny, it may apply to[...]
Volunteering for Charity: Do You Get a Tax Break?
If you’re a volunteer who works for charity, you may be entitled to some tax breaks. This is possible if[...]
Investments – Summer is a Perfect Time for Review
You may have heard about a proposal in Washington to cut the taxes paid on investments by indexing capital gains[...]
Social Security Benefits May be Taxed
During your working days, you pay Social Security tax by withholding from your salary or self-employment tax. When you start[...]
Is an HSA (Health Savings Account) Right for You?
Many people now contribute to or are thinking about setting up a Health Savings Account (HSA) to help defray health[...]
Kids in Day Camp? You May Be Eligible for a Tax Break
Now that most schools are out for the summer, you might be sending your children to day camp. It’s often[...]
Vehicle Donation to Charity for Tax Purposes
You’ve probably seen or heard ads urging you to donate your car to charity. “Make a difference and receive tax[...]
Retiring in Another State? Don’t Forget About Taxes
When you plan on retiring, you may consider moving to another state — say, for the weather or to be[...]
IRS Audit – The Chances Are Low, but Not Zero
The IRS just released its audit statistics for the 2018 fiscal year. Fewer taxpayers had their returns examined as compared[...]
It’s a Good Time to Check Your Withholding
Due to the massive changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the 2019 filing season resulted in surprises.[...]
Use the Dependent Tax Credit for Your College Student
If you’re the parent of a child who is age 17 to 23, and you pay all (or most) of[...]
401(K) Withdrawals for Workers After Age 70
If you participate in a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k), you must generally begin taking required withdrawals from[...]
Three Questions You May Have After You File Your Return
Once your 2018 tax return has been successfully filed with the IRS, you may still have some questions. Here are[...]
How Valuators Adjust a Financial Picture
Sometimes professional valuators tweak financial statements before using them to appraise a business. These common types of adjustments are...
Selling Your Home? Consider These Tax Implications
Spring and summer are the optimum seasons for selling a home. And interest rates are currently attractive, so buyers may[...]
Your Tax Refund and Reasons Why the IRS Might Not Send It
It’s that time of year when many people who filed their tax returns in April are checking their mail or[...]
Claiming a Casualty Loss Deduction on Your Tax Return
Unforeseen disasters happen all the time that may cause damage to your home or personal property. Before the Tax Cuts[...]
Make a Deductible IRA Contribution for 2018 NOW!
Do you want to save more for retirement on a tax-favored basis? If so, and if you qualify, you can[...]
The 2018 Gift Tax Return Deadline Is Almost Here
Did you make large gifts to your children, grandchildren or other heirs last year? If so, it’s important to determine[...]
Vehicle-Expense Deduction Ins and Outs
It’s not just businesses that can deduct vehicle-related expenses. Individuals also can deduct them in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, the Tax[...]
Careful Tax Planning Required for Incentive Stock Options
Incentive stock options (ISOs) are a popular form of compensation for executives and other employees of corporations. They allow you[...]
There’s a Better Way to Raise College Funds
Lemonade stands are fun and they encourage entrepreneurship, but they probably won't pay for college. A 529 education savings plan provides a solution.
Income Tax Deductions May Reduce or Disappear For 2018
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) reduces most income tax rates and expands some tax breaks. But it also[...]
3 Big TCJA Changes Affecting 2018 Individual Tax Returns
When you file your 2018 income tax return, you’ll likely find that some big tax law changes affect you. This[...]
Why You Shouldn’t Wait to File Your 2018 Income Tax Return
The IRS opened the 2018 income tax return filing season on January 28. Even if you typically don’t file until[...]
Ask An Accountant – 1/30/19
Our Founder Azeem Dhalla went LIVE on Facebook to answer your burning accounting questions!
Fun Fact: What Percentage of Americans Used Only Credit and Debit Cards in the Last Week?
When's the last time you made a major purchase with cash? It may have been a while. What about a small purchase - such as your morning coffee?
What Will Your Marginal Income Tax Rate Be?
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) generally reduced individual tax rates for 2018 through 2025, but in some cases,[...]
Two Major Tax Law Changes for Individuals in 2019
Most provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) went into effect in 2018 and either apply through 2025[...]
A Review of Significant TCJA Provisions Impacting Individual Taxpayers
Now that 2019 is here, there isn’t too much you can do to reduce your 2018 income tax liability. It’s[...]
You May Be Able to Save More for Retirement in 2019
Retirement plan contribution limits are indexed for inflation and many have gone up for 2019, so this gives you opportunities[...]
Act Soon to Save 2018 Taxes on Your Investments
Do you have investments outside of tax-advantaged retirement plans? If so, you might still have time to shrink your 2018[...]
SWOT Away Your Company’s Biggest Risks
If you're performing a year end analysis, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) model can come in handy.
Tax and Financial To-Do List for Individuals for 2018 Year-End
With the dawn of 2019 on the near horizon, here’s a quick list of tax and financial to-dos you should[...]
Check Deductibility Before Making Year-End Charitable Gifts
As the holidays approach and the year draws to a close, many taxpayers make charitable gifts — both in the[...]
Does Prepaying Property Taxes Make Sense Anymore?
Prepaying property taxes related to the current year but due the following year has long been one of the most[...]
Catch-up Retirement Plan Contributions Can be Advantageous Post-TCJA
Will you be age 50 or older on December 31? Are you still working? Are you already contributing to your[...]
Make Your Charitable Gift a Work of Art
If you plan to itemize deductions in 2018, donating art to charity would be a smart move.
Mutual Funds: Handle With Care at Year End
As we approach the end of 2018, it’s a good idea to review the mutual fund holdings in your taxable[...]
NQDC Plan Deferral Elections
If you’re an executive or other key employee, your employer may offer you a nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan. As[...]
Donate Appreciated Stock for Twice the Tax Benefits
A tried-and-true year end tax strategy is to make charitable donations. As long as you itemize and your gift qualifies,[...]
Could “Bunching” Medical Expenses into 2018 Save You Tax?
Some of your medical expenses may be tax deductible, but only if you itemize deductions and have enough expenses to[...]
The Tax Consequences of Making Gifts to Loved Ones
Many people choose to pass assets to the next generation during life, whether to reduce the size of their taxable[...]
529 Plans Offer Two Tax-advantaged Education Funding Options
Section 529 plans are a popular education-funding tool because of tax and other benefits. Two types are available: 1) prepaid[...]
Charitable IRA Rollovers May be Especially Beneficial in 2018
If you’re age 70½ or older, you can make direct contributions — up to $100,000 annually — from your IRA[...]
Got Medical Bills?
The medical expense deduction threshold rises to 10% of Adjust Gross Income in 2019. But the threshold for itemizing out of pocket costs is only 7.5% of AGI on your 2018 tax return.
Tax Planning for Investments Gets More Complicated
For investors, fall is a good time to review year-to-date gains and losses. Not only can it help you assess[...]
Tax Deduction Ins and Outs of Donating Artwork to Charity
If you’re charitably inclined and you collect art, appreciated artwork can make one of the best charitable gifts from a[...]
Saving Tax if Your Vacation Home Qualifies as a Rental Property
Do you own a vacation home? If you both rent it out and use it personally, you might save tax[...]
Do You Need to Make an Estimated Tax Payment by September 17?
To avoid interest and penalties, you must make sufficient federal income tax payments long before your April filing deadline through[...]
VIDEO- Audit Proof Your Tax Return
This video will give you a quick rundown of some essential tips on how to audit proof your tax return.
Back-to-school Means Tax Break for Teachers
When teachers are setting up their classrooms for the new school year, it’s common for them to pay for a[...]
VIDEO- 2018 Tax Highlights!
In a few short minutes, this video will give you an update on the 2018 tax changes that you need to know!
Will There Be “Extenders” Legislation?
The pieces of tax legislation garnering the most attention these days are the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) signed[...]
The TCJA Prohibits Undoing 2018 Roth IRA Conversions, But What About 2017?
Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA can provide tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals in retirement. But what if[...]
Do You Still Need to Worry About the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)?
There was talk of repealing the individual alternative minimum tax (AMT) as part of last year’s tax reform legislation. A[...]
Parents: Why the “Kiddie Tax” is More Dangerous Than Ever
Once upon a time, some parents and grandparents would attempt to save tax by putting investments in the names of[...]
3 Midyear Tax Strategies that Hold Up Post TCJA
With its many changes to individual tax rates, brackets and breaks, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) means taxpayers[...]
Are Frequent Flyer Miles Taxable?
If you're racking up lots of frequent flyer miles this summer, breathe easy. Miles awarded by airlines (and the credit card and debit companies) generally are considered nontaxable rebates.
What You Can Deduct When Volunteering
Because donations to charity of cash or property generally are tax deductible (if you itemize), it only seems logical that[...]
Home green home: Save tax by saving energy
“Going green” at home — whether it’s your principal residence or a second home — can reduce your tax bill[...]
Do you know the ABCs of HSAs, FSAs and HRAs?
There continues to be much uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act and how such uncertainty will impact health care costs.[...]
The Tax Impact of the TCJA on Estate Planning
The massive changes the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made to income taxes have garnered the most attention. But[...]
The Tax Advantages of Investing in Qualified Small Business (QSB) Stock
While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) reduced most ordinary-income tax rates for individuals, it didn’t change long-term capital[...]
Midyear Financial Check Up
It's midyear- pull over and check your progress to your financial goals.
VIDEO- The New Child Tax Credit
This video outlines the changes in the child care tax credit for 2018.
Consider Taxes When Deciding Where to Retire
Many Americans relocate to another state when they retire. If you’re thinking about such a move, state and local taxes[...]
Saving Tax on Restricted Stock Awards with the Sec. 83(b) Election
Today many employees receive stock-based compensation from their employer as part of their compensation and benefits package. The tax consequences[...]
Sending Your Kids to Day Camp May Provide a Tax Break
When school lets out, kids participate in a wide variety of summer activities. If one of the activities your child[...]
Tax Consequences of Selling Your Home
In many parts of the country, summer is peak season for selling a home. If you’re planning to put your[...]
Do You Need to Adjust Your Withholding?
If you received a large refund after filing your 2017 income tax return, you’re probably enjoying the influx of cash.[...]
Proving Your Deductions VIDEO
How do you support your deductions if challenged? Watch this video!
Start Planning 2018 NOW!
With the April 17 individual income tax filing deadline behind you (or with your 2017 tax return on the back[...]
What Tax Records Can You Toss?
What 2017 tax records can you toss once you’ve filed your 2017 return? The answer is simple: none. You need[...]
Important Deadlines for the Remainder of 2018
While April 15 (April 17 this year) is the main tax deadline on most individual taxpayers’ minds, there are others[...]
Haven’t Filed Your 2017 Income Tax Return Yet? Beware of These Pitfalls!
The federal income tax filing deadline is slightly later than usual this year — April 17 — but it’s now[...]
You Still Have Time to Make 2017 IRA Contributions
Tax-advantaged retirement plans like IRAs allow your money to grow tax-deferred — or, in the case of Roth accounts, tax-free.[...]
Can You Claim Your Elderly Parent as a Dependent on your Tax Return?
Perhaps. It depends on several factors, such as your parent’s income and how much financial support you provided. If you[...]
5 Great Tax Secrets VIDEO
Watch this quick video overview of our top 5 tax secrets!
Home Related Tax Breaks: 2017 Versus 2018
Home ownership is a key element of the American dream for many, and the U.S. tax code includes many tax[...]
Small Business Versus Hobby: Important to Know What’s Deductible
Hobby expenses are no longer deductible under the new tax laws.
Casualty Losses Can Provide a 2017 Deduction, But Rules Tighten for 2018
If you suffered damage to your home or personal property last year, you may be able to deduct these “casualty”[...]
The New World of Deductions: What Everyone Needs to Know
How will the new itemized deduction tax changes impact you? Learn how itemized deductions will change in 2018 with the passage of new tax legislation.
Charitable Deductions: The Size Depends on Many Factors
Whether you’re claiming charitable deductions on your 2017 return or planning your donations for 2018, be sure you know how[...]
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