Let’s face it, new businesses can have a lot of moving parts. At any given time you are wearing multiple hats, making decisions from what kind of paint to use in the lobby to selecting the perfect CRM system for your sales team. Unfortunately, accounting is sometimes the last thing on your mind in the flurry of running a fledgling business. However, we believe that an effective accounting system can assure long term financial success and help you stay compliant with tax laws.

Our monthly client accounting services prioritize the following issues that matter most to the up and coming entrepreneur:

  • Cash flow management to ensure proper capital management and investment
  • Accurate and timely financial reporting for owners, investors, and financing
  • Income and expense reporting to assist with budgeting and managing payroll

Entrepreneurs are best at honing their vision for their companies.  We want you to continue to pursue your goals and leave the accounting to Dhalla CPA so you can make it to “Shark Tank”, and beyond.