Your construction company can now realize up to 20% more job profitability

Learn about our dashboard reporting system for construction companies looking to increase their bottom line.

We know it's hard to get real time job costing information and that "profit-fade" is a common construction company problem.

It's expensive to invest to in integrated software systems that keep you on top of each job's current profitability status. 

The in house accounting hours needed to do all the important reporting can get overwhelming.

What We Do...

Increase Job Profitability

With accurate work in progress schedules, you can know right away when a job is running over budget and make adjustments in real time.  

Improve Bidding Accuracy

With timely and accurate work in progress schedules, you can ensure that new bids are are prepared with the most recent performance information. 

 Refine Your Job Hiring

Track job performance by supervision and field labor, to determine the best personnel and subcontractors for the type of job you're building.

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